How To Paint A Seascape ~ with Lucy

FREE Mini Video Series

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint a seascape, but need some guidance?

Then this mini video series is for you!

I am thrilled you are here; it is a wonderful gift you have given yourself;

  • Time for you,

  • Time to learn a new skill,

  • Time to relax and get out of your head.

Painting is very therapeutic

This FREE mini course is designed to help re-ignite your passion for painting, as Lucy guides you through the steps to paint a simple seascape.

It is a self study course ~ made up of 2 lessons.

Each lesson is 45 mins.

Let's Paint A Seascape

Hear From The Ladies Who Have Worked with Lucy!


We'll I've thoroughly enjoyed painting with Lucy. I have done Watercolours before from watching YouTube videos but hit a block and lost my mojo.

After seeing Lucy's work it inspired me to try Acrylics so when the 5 day challenge came up it was a no brainer.

I've loved it all so far..Lucy is a fun, knowledgeable,

awesome teacher whose humour is infectious.

She has taught me new techniques..the difference between a mop and a filbert..but most of all she has encouraged me to put my own touch to the paintings, to explore and to be bold and free!! I'm getting there Lucy Lou!!

The other eye opening experience she has bought my acute awareness to is the beauty of nature..I now look at the sky, clouds, trees, sea and see so much more than I used to and for that I'm truly thankful. Looking forward to continuing my journey in The Painting Room xx Thank you Lucy, you are a star


~ Mandy Gale

Having just finished Lucy Sheffield 's first Five Day Challenge, I have to say I'm suffering.

Suffering severe withdrawal symptoms!

It was such fun, incredibly supportive and definitely productive. It really brought excitement and enthusiasm to each day, with the highlight always being the live paint along at midday.

Loved it so much I joined The Painting Room immediately. Lucy teaches so naturally, not prescriptive at all. It's about learning the tools and techniques to go on and do your own thing.

Wonderful and such a refreshing approach! Bring on the next challenge! I'll see you there.

~ Joanna Lever

Lucy Sheffield is just so 'real' . After a friend shared her FREE 5 day painting


I've never enjoyed painting as much.

I've had a block with painting confidence and have not progressed further than a 'tight' realistic approach with watercolour and pastel pencils for decades.

Lucy has in just 5 short sessions given

me the skills and techniques to

unwind and start to leave that fear behind. Her bubbly, humorous, kind, caring approach put me at ease so quickly.

Still got 2 days and the seascape to do. I have watched the videos already and being able to do this is just what my brain needs.

I have joined her painting room as

it's just what the 'doctor' ordered. I'm rambling so basically it's a blast . Get on


~ Joolly Smith

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