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Join us today ~ Learn How to Paint with Lucy ~ 3 Tutorials A Month (with access to a HUGE back catalogue)

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3 LIVE Tutorials each month

Fortnightly Q&A

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How It All Works;

🖤 The Painting Room is an online membership, where we paint LIVE together 3 times a month.

🖤 You will be given access to our private FB Group.

🖤 All LIVE recordings are available on replay & stored in the guide section.

🖤 The Painting Room has been going for 1 year so when you join you already have access to a HUGE back catalogue of things to paint.

🖤 Every fortnight we have a Q&A in the FB Group.

🖤 One week I share 2 ideas we can vote on to paint.

🖤 The next week you get to add a photo of what you want to learn to paint & we get to vote.

Why you should

re-connect with your creativity.

Painting is good for the soul. When we paint we lose ourselves, we forget the madness of everyday life. We relax. When we relax we feel better, happier inside. This has a knock on effect for our physical & mental health. When we feel better we are more productive in our life. As a culture we need to spend more hours doing what we "LOVE"

Your confidence will grow

You will make time for YOU

Your art will improve ~ because practice makes perfect

You will be part of a community with like minded creatives

Your mind will slow down

You will find guidance, support & inspiration

Meet Lucy

Lucy Sheffield

Art Tutor/Abstract Artist/Creative Business Mentor

Lucy has has been creating high-quality, original abstract art since 2019. It is her passion to bring joy to your walls!

"Creating my unique Abstract Art brings me such joy. I sprinkle magic & love into every creation!"

Lucy began her abstract art in lockdown, after 24 years of drinking heavily and messing up her life. She found that creation poured through her once the drink was gone and she re-gained access to her true self. This way of expressing fills Lucy up from the inside, and over spills to provide joy, happiness and beauty for others in the form of her art.

"I am inspired by my own feelings along with vibrant colours, and all of the beauty I now see in the world. Each piece of art contains a sprinkle and a dash of love from within."

Lucy has been teaching her love for art since 2022. She loves to share her passion with others & helps to guide them to their own inner creativity. She believes in helping others through the joy of freedom & fun on a blank canvas.

Hear From My Clients

I am totally loving the painting room.

Confidence in myself has blossomed and whereas in the past I would bin a failure I sit with it now and make it my own piece - so no failures ever!!

I dreaded the first lesson as I grew up with the notion that I was not good enough at art. 4 weeks in I have artists telling me my work is professional!

Each week I catch the piece on catch up due to the time difference in countries and really I feel like I'm part of the live. Learning new techniques has been great.

Thank you Lucy ~ Sair


Sair Ching


The painting room has made me come out of my comfort zone and be more comfortable painting in new ways.

I am less afraid to play around and do things my way or add to a picture I am painting!

Lucy is amazing to watch paint! It is relaxing and will help you refocusing your mind and breaking down your worry walls!!

~ Grace


Grace Fuller


Lucy I never wanna leave! My confidence has increased so much… I now think of myself as an artist!!

And the members feel like our creative family - such a supportive place where we love seeing each other blossom.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for The Painting Room.

Your weekly tutorials are brilliant and so much fun, and all the other support you give us to help us with our mindset etc too has been wonderful!

You’ve created a beautiful community too - it feels like a creative family, we are all so happy to support each other and watch each other grow! Can’t recommend it enough… everyone needs more Lucy in their life!


Becki Evans


Our Paintings

A selection of art ~ created by the members.

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